Brought to you by Tissue Analytica in collaboration with NC State University and TAPPI

Sustainability, Performance, Risks & Opportunities in Times of Pandemic

Online Conference

January 12-14, 2021

09:00 am - 01:00 pm EST 

The 2021 Tissue Conference “Sustainability, Performance, Risks & Opportunities in Times of Pandemic” will be online with a convenient schedule for participants from North America, Latin America, and Europe.  Our agenda has been tailored to discuss advances in tissue research led by top universities across the world. Presentations will focus on the outlook for the industry for 2021, advances in fiber and furnish development and performance, efforts toward fiber reduction, scientific discussion on the true sustainability of hygiene tissue products, and sustainability metrics. The Tissue Pack Innovation Lab at NC State University will also showcase the annual Tissue Analytics and Benchmarking.  


Who Should Attend?

This event is the perfect place to learn and network. Our past events have brought nearly 200 attendees (85% producers).  


This is how you will benefit:

Come to learn about new processes to reduce cost.

Process engineers

Learn strategies to reduce cost and trends affecting the profitability of your organization

Business controllers

Listen to researchers and practitioners about strategies to reduce cost and isolate market effects.


Understand the dynamics driving market trends and consumption patterns and how to link those to efficient capital investment.

Directors and VP's

Learn how the market is evolving in North America by listening to top-notch market research analyses on product performance and pricing on the shelf. Also, learn how to profit from sustainability.  

Marketing/Product developers 

Learn about fiber development, strategies to maintain/improve product performance while minimizing cost, and sustainability in the industry.

Tissue Technologist 

Topics of discussion

Tissue Conference 2021 is based on four core topics for discussion


Market trends and manufacturing landscape

  • Global megatrends & global dynamics

  • Perspectives of the tissue business across different regions

  • China's ban on recycled paper

  • Transformation towards e-commerce

  • Change in the landscape of fibers


Sustainable labels, alternative fibers, brown vs. white fibers, recycled fibers vs. virgin fibers

  • Sustainability “marketing”, performance & pricing: evidence from the field

  • Brown vs. white & recycled vs. virgin

  • Alternative fibers in tissue manufacturing

  • Economics of flexible fiber sourcing

Fiber and Furnish Development

Strategic Fiber Use, Fiber Upgrade, and Functionalized Tissue Products

  • Fiber development

  • Strategies for fiber reduction in tissue manufacturing

  • Product performance in cash and carry & discount store brands vs. national brands

  • Nanomaterials for tissue products and hygiene industry

  • Antibacterial tissue

Tissue Technology

Tissue Machine Manufacturing and Drying Technologies

  • Future of drying technologies

  • Industry manufacturing 4.0

  • Artificial intelligence



The 2021 Tissue Conference will feature three technical workshops taught by acclaimed keynote speakers: 

The Evolution of Tissue Manufacturing Technologies


Lee W. Reisinger (ReiTech Incorporated)

The Laws of Physics Governing Tissue Properties


Joel Pawlak (NCSU)

Understanding Fibers' Potential to Develop Flexible Sourcing Programs


Tiago de Assis (Kemira)

Franklin Zambrano (NCSU)

Ronalds Gonzalez (NCSU)

Confirmed Speakers